Window Sticky Solar Power Bank

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Smart Solar Power bank which can stick to any glass window, store power and charge your mobile phone anywhere. Designed in beautiful Shape with ABS material.

SOLAR ENERGY---Whenever there is sunlight, it can be charged anywhere. Don't worry about not being able to recharge your batteries in time.

VACUUM SUCKER---To maintain the attachment of two objects by vacuum. It can be attached to the Windows of indoor, in-car or airplane. (please ensure that the glass is clean to fit more tightly)

QUICK CHARGE---When the charger is fully charged, it can charge up to 40 per cent of your phone, so you can use your phone as much as you want. If you're looking to quickly recharge your solar charger quickly, just plug it in to your PC, and the 2000 mah battery will be charged in three hours.

PROTECTION---For built-in battery, over-charge/over-discharge/over-heat protection. For outer article charged: short-circuit protection.